Good Gad! Tenement refurb gets the nod

8th April 2021

A row of red sandstone tenement flats badly in need of refurbishment are going to be revitalised by Procast.

The properties in  the residential block in Gadshill Street, Roystonhill, Glasgow, will be transformed by the £750,000 project for Copperworks Housing Association.

The flats will continue to be occupied and commercial premises on the ground floor, including busy licensed premises, will remain in full use during the contract.

Roystonhill Primary School, directly across the road, will also remain open during the programme of works, which will be delivered by Procast’s Property Services division.

Measures will have to be put in place to ensure that the normal functioning of the homes, commercial properties and school are not adversely affected by noise or operational activities.

Copperworks HA have stressed that the safety of the occupants and that of the primary school staff and pupils is paramount and have requested that Procast employ all necessary measures to guarantee that.

This extends to careful management of waste, dirt and dust – and the company have committed to keeping all disturbance to an absolute minimum.

The project will involve:

  • Repairs to the existing stonework façade
  • Structural repairs to existing stonework
  • Localised roof tile repairs and stepped gutter renewals
  • New gutters and downpipes
  • External wall insulation systems to rear and to gable elevations
  • New attic insulation
  • Structural support to existing half landings
  • Insulated plasterboard lining to external walls and common close walls

A spokesman for Procast said: “We have all the skills in-house to deliver the project from inception to handover thanks to our skilled management teams and workforce.

“The highest-grade sustainable materials will be used in this project and this will result in an impressive finished result.”

The programme of works is similar to the one being carried out by Procast for Thenue Housing Association in Green Street, Glasgow.



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