Keeping our social promises

5th February 2021


IT has been a difficult year for everyone since we all went into lockdown as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

And many of us have struggled to get through a “normal” day, let alone strive to work better and harder and to hold to pre-agreed targets and promises.

But that’s just what we have managed at Procast, via our Social Value Pledge. We have continued to:

  • Create and support sustainable employment
  • Support apprenticeships across various disciplines
  • Support local schools with our bespoke educational programme
  • Engage with local supply chains to drive economic growth
  • Deliver energy-saving measures to help people save money and stay warm in their homes, which helps the NHS
  • Contribute to the carbon reduction targets for Scotland
  • Offer no-cost installation measures to fuel-poor areas
  • Help local charities and organisations
  • Support sports programme for all ages
  • Promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Procast believe that if we want to secure a sustainable future as a business and as communities, we must act responsibly with the highest social, environment and ethical standards.

We want to continue our success, but we also want to continue being an active and supportive partner working in close cooperation with the people we interact with and those around us.

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