New HQ is ‘green for go’

21st December 2021

PROCAST are moving! We have acquired a new location for our group headquarters, which will help us realise our ambitious plans to expand our businesses and to develop our “green” expertise.

The management team identified Low Waters Miners’ Welfare & Social Club in Hamilton as the facility to accommodate current and future growth aspirations while keeping the company in South Lanarkshire.

Procast, who are currently based in nearby Strathaven, have bought the building, which was shut down during the past year – and they are planning to save the adjoining Low Waters Bowling Club, whose future was threatened as a result of the closure.

Procast plan to lease the bowling green back to the club, subject to agreement, as they appreciate it plays an important role within the local community and are aware of a local campaign to keep it operating.

The company’s plans involve a full modernisation and refurbishment of the existing two-storey building, including the addition of the following green technologies:

  • Solar photovoltaic panels
  • Air source heat pumps
  • New windows
  • External wall insulation cladding
  • Electric vehicle car-charging facilities

The works will also include the creation of:

  • Two new ground-floor, open-plan offices, several small offices, refurbished bathroom facilities, meeting and board room facilities, new reception area, kitchen and canteen facilities
  • One new rentable office/business/start-up space

A spokesman said: “We want the site to generate economic activity within the immediate area.

“The local businesses in surrounding villages have struggled in recent years, so our intention is to invest and regenerate these communities to mirror what we have achieved in Strathaven and continue our expansion in South Lanarkshire while continuing to bring additional benefits to our local communities.

“Through our presence in Strathaven, we have directly sustained several local businesses through these difficult economic times by employing them to provide services such as cleaning, purchasing food/drink supplies from local catering outlets and offering sub-contract opportunities.

“The continued growth of our business while employing young local people will also help address the issue of continual depopulation of the villages in the immediate vicinity, which is in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility.

“The site will create recruitment and the retention of people in the 16-25 age group –  who are currently in receipt of Universal Credit and who are at risk of long-term unemployment – within the South Lanarkshire area.

“Plus, through our multiple businesses, we will provide guaranteed work experience opportunities to pupils at all local high schools, particularly from within the new renewable technologies arm of the group.

“We want to provide opportunities for recruiting and retaining local people in the area and reduce the challenges people face within these socially and economically disadvantaged communities by providing an employment base of a proven, growing, ambitious, forward-looking, progressive, sustainable and carbon-neutral-aimed business.

“Procast have a strong corporate responsibility strategy and we are always looking to give back to the communities in which we serve and operate.”

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