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29th July 2021

Procast are demonstrating their commitment to a green energy future by investing in electric vehicles.

With a UK Government ban coming into force on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2030 and a similar veto on lorries from 2040, now is the ideal time for the group to start the move over to EVs.

And the driving force (pun intended) behind the switch is Paul Shearin (pictured), who is the group’s Renewables Manager and resident expert on environmentally friendly energy.

He admitted that, initially, he had been met with scepticism in early 2020 when he suggested Procast swap out their carbon-fuelled vehicles in favour of battery-powered ones.

Then the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown kicked the subject into the long grass before it came back up for discussion as restrictions eased across society.

Paul said: “Fast forward January 2021, and the discussion comes up again at a mangers’ meeting – this time with more questions on the feasibility of having EV’s in our fleet.

“Because I had a tad more time on my hands during lockdown, I was able to pull costs and other factors together so that I was prepared to give persuasive answers.

“When pulling all this information together, I did find myself double and triple-checking figures on running costs. I was quite shocked at how much sense it made to introduce EV’s into the fleet.

“For example, on three typical vehicles, our annual saving was around £15,000. Not so many jibes were coming my way then, I can tell you!

“And the most important value for me was the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of  around 28 tonnes per year.”

To get the big move under way, Procast have started by leasing two Renault Zoe vans, and Paul is now driving around in a BMW i3.

Then four new vans and one car will be introduced every quarter and any vehicles needing replaced will be done sooner.

Paul added: “We have over 50 vehicles on the road, and we will slowly change them out, so that we have a significant impact on our carbon footprint.

“We as a company are growing and, as we expand, we have a responsibility to show our clients that we intend to genuinely make a difference to the world we work in, not just from a construction point of view but socially also.

“We need to practise what we preach at all levels of sustainability and to as high standard in as possible.

Procast Energy Services are delivering projects with Solar Pv, battery storage, air-source heat pumps and Electric Vehicle charge points, so if we are to meet the targets of carbon reduction by 2030 we must all play our part.

“Procast Energy Services will have a huge part to play in this, as we work with large local authorities, helping them reduce their housing stocks’ heating and electricity emissions by installing greener technologies.

“The social ramifications of these contracts are also extremely rewarding, knowing it will help reduce running costs of homes and businesses – especially important post-pandemic.

“We also acknowledge there is a huge skills gap and will be working with local schools and colleges to engage with young people to pull them into the energy sector.

“There are so many skillsets required to help with this fight that I believe there Is room for all types of people to work in the sector.”

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