Power to the people

11th April 2022

THE entire Procast group are honoured to be helping North Lanarkshire Council meet their net-zero carbon targets.

Through our Construction, Property and Energy divisions, we fabricate new homes via a whole-house approach; we help reduce energy consumption in existing properties and we install renewable technologies.

Our joined-up approach has greatly improved the lives of people living in Netherton, Wishaw and Airdrie via external wall insulation, new roofs and retrofitted photovoltaic systems.

In Netherton, EWI, new roofs and 2.4kw PV systems on 19 properties are saving 38 tons of carbon a year.

In Wishaw, EWI, roofs and 2.4kw of PV on 94 properties are providing a total of 225kw of power and a carbon saving of 188 tons.

And in Airdrie, EWI, roofs and 2.4kw PV systems on 272 properties are providing 652kw and a carbon saving of 554 tons.

Procast have also installed a Tesla battery system to a property to harness the energy generated by the PV system and supply the property when required in order to maximise energy bill savings.

That’s 922kw of power to local communities and massive carbon savings of 780 tons per year – plus energy performance certificate improvements from “D” to “B”.

And with 220 more installations planned for 2022, we are well on our way to target of 1.5megawatts of power and 1200 tons of carbon emissions savings a year.

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