‘Safe4kids’ Programme

1st April 2019

Procast are proud to be supporting through sponsorship of the ‘safe4kids’ programme. It is a valuable partnership between safe4kids, schools, parents and the business community, to make children aware of the dangers they may encounter in life, whilst encouraging their natural sense of adventure. Children are naturally inquisitive and want to explore their environment and are not always aware of the dangers surrounding them.

They have designed a range of entertaining safety literature aimed not only at getting children’s attention and educating them on specific safety topics, but also educating adults about the modern dangers’ children face these days.

The literature is all designed to capture the imagination of children by entertaining and informing them in a way that they find fun and enjoyable and will want to use it time and time again, either as a group or on their own. It can be used at school or at home with their parents, thereby increasing the impact of the messages contained within.

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