Works Start on Multi Trades Refurbishment Contact

6th March 2019

We are delighted to have started the works for the £754k internal and external multi trades refurbishment contract at Barnes Street, Barrhead. This exciting project continues our partnership with East Renfrewshire Council.

The Council required an experienced principal contractor to undertake the refurbishment including rot works, kitchen and bathroom replacements, external wall insulation and internal wall insulation render systems to 30-40 Barnes Street, Barrhead. The works include electrical and heating works, plaster works, joinery, SVPs/WPs/RWPs and other multi trades works i.e. satellite, antennae

We will not only manage the multi trade works but also administer the required paperwork which involves Energy Performance Surveys (before and after the works), Building Warrant submissions, structural engineer certificates, pre and post EPCs, design and construction of external wall insulated render systems and the re-roofing of properties to East Renfrewshire Council Properties in various locations within East Renfrewshire Council.

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